Dear Paddock Partner,

We at Paddock are embracing change. Developing new relationships, new products and reviving new market standards. As we move forward, we would like to get back to the original intent of our past Paddock Dealers meeting. Granted the Paddock group of the past has been dissolved, however, we would like to thank our Paddock Partner customers.

We want to get back to a Paddock Builder Meeting that focuses on these three principals.

• Our meeting is an opportunity to say thank you to our Builder Partners for your business. You are a valued Partner to Paddock.

• Second, we want to know what is valuable to you in this partnership. Tell us what is important to you? What new products would you like to see from Paddock?

What can we do better and what can we do to improve our relationship and help your business?

• Lastly, we want to grow our business with you. How can we help you grow your business and our relationship as we go forward?

Please keep these principals in mind as you take our 2020 Builder Meeting Survey.

Thank you!

Randy Riessen

National Sales Manager