Chloramine Removal System

An indoor air quality solution that creates a safer and healthier environment for swimmers, patrons, and staff!


Paddock’s patented and patents-pending Evacuator® Technology is a source-capture system specifically designed to minimize levels of airborne chloramines and disinfectant by-products (DBPs). This is achieved by capturing these harmful and corrosive fumes at their source – the pool’s surface – and exhausting them out of the facility. Evacuator® Technology works in conjunction with the facility’s air handling system to provide an energy neutral solution for the best indoor air quality (IAQ) possible. In addition to our team’s expertise on source-capture, they also understand the intricacies of indoor pool environments and can provide guidance on best practices, systems, and solutions for maintaining a pristine facility from the ground up. Items such as water balancing and filtration equipment, secondary disinfection, HVAC/DHU selection and design, and facility maintenance all play an important role. Our team understands there is no “silver bullet” to solving the IAQ conundrum, but we have the experience and expertise to develop a comprehensive solution for any facility.

Let someone from our team help engineer the most cost effective and efficient solution for providing indoor aquatic environments the pristine air quality its patrons and staff deserve. Contact us today.

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Types of Evacuators