Gutter Options

Stainless Steel Perimeters

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Grating

Standard for all gutter configurations. HDPE is a non-skid surface and available in two standard colors: white and gray. Top Grate is recommended when available which minimizes any exposed stainless steel. Drop-In Grate is available upon request or as required for certain gutter configurations.

Multiple Configurations

Deck-level rollout, fully-recessed designs, deck drain designs, and custom designs for any application.

Paddock Evacuator® Technology

Each gutter configuration can be paired with integral Paddock Evacuator® Technology, the aquatic industry’s only source-capture system, creating a safer, healthier indoor aquatic environment by improving indoor air quality.

In-pool surge capacity

In-pool surge capacity is accomplished by Paddock’s extra surge gutter chamber and automatic surge control weirs, which are responsive to the changing water level in the pool. The extra surge gutter chamber can also be integrated with Paddock Evacuator® Technology.

Integral deck drains

Integral deck drains can be added to any perimeter gutter and also integrated with Paddock Evacuator® Technology.

Zero-Depth Perimeters

Paddock’s Zero-Depth perimeter is a complete recirculation system with both an overflow channel to receive waves lapping up at a beach area entry point and a filtered water supply tube that sprays clean, sanitized water back across the surface through inlet nozzles. The result is unbroken recirculation around the entire perimeter—especially where it is needed most—with an added play feature children of all ages can enjoy.

More Options


Integral source-capture exhaust system engineered to improve indoor air quality in Natatoriums of any size and shape. Patent protected and sole source technology available only at Paddock.


Incorporating Surge Weirs into your gutter eliminates the need for a remote surge tank while ensuring the water level in the pool remains ideal for surface skimming

Grate Options

A drop-in HDPE non-slip grate that sits just below the front return tube creating a hand-hold for swimmers is also available. This design was Paddock’s standard option prior to the top grate with capture strip and hand hold being introduced. Available in multiple colors and configurations.

Roll-Out Gutter

Similar to other gutter profiles with rim flow gutters, this profile has the deck forming a curb at the back of the gutter. The deck-to-rim can be designed to match any height.


This gutter profile is ideal when it comes to competition pools and is preferred by most competitive swimmers and coaches. The cantilevered deck helps to provide a visual reference point for the pool wall.

Bartlett End-Wall

Similar to the Fully-Recessed gutter profile, this style includes gutter grating at the same level of the deck with a typical rim flow gutter below. The deck-to-rim height is recommended to be 7.5” minimum. The benefit is similar to that of the fully-recessed profile as a visual reference point to competitive swimmers, with the added benefit of the Bartlett End-Walls only being located on both end walls versus a full perimeter design

Types of Gutters

Radius Series
Competition Series
Multipurpose Series

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