Featured Project

Fort Mill Aquatic Center

The new Aquatic Center, dubbed FMAC, houses a 25 yard X 50 meter competition pool and is the newest addition to the Fort Mill YMCA at the Complex. The facility features many of Paddock’s top of the line products, including: R300TG Gutter system, is complemented with an integral Evacuator® System to ensure the indoor air quality is always at it’s best; Regenerator™ filters keep the water crystal clear; Movable Bulkhead creates a solid, sturdy structure to separate the pool and use as a coaching platform; as well as Main Drains, Starting Platforms, Lifeguard Chairs, Backstroke Posts and miscellaneous rail goods. . The facility is operated by the Upper Palmetto YMCA group and owned by the local municipality, a great combination to ensure health and fitness is available to the community.