Stainless Steel Perimeter Pool Gutters

All Paddock stainless steel perimeter pool gutters are factory fabricated for simplified installation and precision fit-up. Paddock’s state-of-the-art computer-driven machines insure that every perimeter is sheared, formed and welded to exact dimensions and shipped to a site in complete sections with minimum field welding required, not in multiple pieces like competitors. Fabrication and testing under controlled conditions in the Paddock plant result in the highest quality installation performed by Paddock certified technicians.

stainless steel pool gutters

Stainless Steel Perimeter Options

  • Paddock perimeters are available in custom configurations and varying dimensions, from deck-level roll- out to fully-recessed designs.
  • A removable tile face provides a non-skid surface for turns and unmatched aesthetics.
  • In-Pool Surge Capacity is accomplished by Paddock’s automatic surge control weirs, which are responsive to the changing water level in the pool.
  • Integral deck drains can be added to any perimeter.
  • Paddock’s Zero-Depth perimeter is a complete recirculation system with both an overflow channel to receive waves lapping up at a beach area entry point, and filtered water supply tube that sprays clean, sanitized water back across the surface through inlet nozzles. The result is unbroken recirculation around the entire perimeter—especially where it is needed most—with an added play feature children of all ages can enjoy.

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