Deck Equipment


Lifeguard Chairs

Paddock manufactures 4 standard models of portable lifeguard chairs, all made from stainless steel.

The Observation Platform
Stands five feet above deck level; its 36" x 72" platform saves deck space. Access from either side allows uninterrupted monitoring of the pool during lifeguard shift changes. A standing platform on either side of seat allows better scanning of pool surface. Rails are installed in front and rear of platform for safety.

Observation Lifeguard Platform Cut Sheet

6-Foot Lifeguard Chair
Accessed from the front and allows excellent visibility of the pool and deck areas.

4-1/2' and 2-1/2' Lifeguard Chairs
A spacious 48" x 48" platform and are close to deck level for easy access. These chairs are designed for recreational settings, such as pools with large shallow play zones or zero-depth entry areas.

Movable Lifeguard Chair Cut Sheet

Rail Goods

Paddock manufactures both standard and custom handrails, ramp rails, grab rails, ladders, treads, and step inserts.

Standard Rails
Made from Type 304 stainless steel 1.90" o.d. tubing for the highest possible corrosion resistance and safety.

2-Bend Handrail Cut Sheet
3-Bend Handrail Cut Sheet

Figure Four Grab Rail

Figure Four Grab Rail Cut Sheet

Pretzel Bend Grab Rail

Pretzel Bend Grab Rail Cut Sheet

California Style Grab Rail

California Style Grab Rail Cut Sheet

Come in 2, 3, 4, and 5 tread models.

Tread Ladder Cut Sheet