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Paddock Modular Deck Drain + Evacuator™

Paddock Pool Equipment Company has recently developed and released another new product line with Evacuator™ Technology – the Modular Deck Drain + Evacuator™ (DD+E, for short). Using 316L and 304 grade stainless steel with laser precision, the Modular DD+E System was developed on lengths of one, two, four, and eight feet. Although customization is sometimes required per site conditions, the Paddock team works closely with multiple disciplines to ensure the best and most efficient design. We developed the system with both the installer and end user in mind, with a mechanically fastened – read: no welding – system for an easier, quicker installation that most any installation crew can handle, whether they are a mechanical, plumbing, or pool contractor. HDPE grating provided a textured, non-slip finish that looks great in any facility – and the end user will not have to worry about replacing broken grating and the hazards that accompany such issues with bare-footed staff and patrons walking around on deck.

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Deck Drain Evacuator Cut Sheet

Key Features

  • Very effective source-capture exhaust
  • Typical application: new facility design
  • Equipment Company's stainless steel deck drain
  • Perfectly compatible with standard PPEC deck drain
  • Requires no deck space, avoid ADA compliance issues
  • Compatible with most DHU manufacturers
  • Durable HDPE grating, built to last
  • Easy to remove, clean, and maintain grating
  • Contributes towards LEED certification
  • Designed for ASHRAE compliance
  • Paddock Keys to Success Handbook
  • YMCA Preferred Vendor since 2015

Optional Features

  • Custom grating colors available
  • Custom grating engraved logos available
  • Energy recovery add-on
  • Natabot Control Panel

NAQ: Natatorium Air Quality: We analyze existing conditions to provide an action plan tailored to your concerns, because we know that no two pools are the same.

Reduce Pool Smell: Evacuator technology effectively addresses chloramine odor by preventing buildup and recirculation of airborne disinfectant byproducts (DBPs).

Reduce Illness: Getting rid of DBPs, known contributors to respiratory distress, will improve NAQ for everyone!

Reduce Maintenance: Chloramines are corrosive. With Evacuator, you can reduce their impact on your dehumidification unit and deck equipment.

Green Technology: Our systems allow for both energy recovery add-ons and energy saving Adaptive Environment operation mode with our new Natabot Control Panel.

Proven Equipment: Paddock Evacuator technology has received seven patents, with several more pending. There are nearly 200 FreshAir Facilities nationwide. We are happy to coordinate tours, because we are confident that you will Breathe & Believe!