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In 1922, Paddock started the modern pool industry by building pools for well-known Icons such as Ronald Reagan and Shirley Temple, among many others. Over the years, Paddock has transitioned from building pools to manufacturing commercial pool equipment. Even after 100+ years in business, our passion to manufacture the highest quality, most technologically advanced commercial pool equipment in the industry, is greater than ever. Our dedication to innovative engineering, coupled with our research and development team, has provided professional pool designers, builders, and, ultimately, pool owners with what Paddock calls the “Ultimate Pool”. We employ the best people in the industry; talented employees who love what they do. Paddock sets the standard for Commercial Pool Equipment made in the United States of America.

Management Team

Don Baker

Chief Executive Officer

Mike McDuffie

Chief Operations Officer

Mark Saviski

VP  Corporate Finance

Mark Hines

VP Sales and Marketing

Sales Team

Andrew Roberts

North East Regional Account Executive

Randy Riessen

West Coast Regional Account Executive

Daniel Gaeckle

Mid West Regional Account Executive

Jody Craft

South Central Regional Account Executive

Sam Sperduto

South East Regional Account Executive

Dana Barnett

National Channel Manager

Sales Support Team

Lynn Shinholdt

Senior Project Manager

Brandi Malloy

Project Manager

Sanford Baker

Project Manager

Ian Jones

Project Manager

Trevor Ottley

Project Manager

Emily Herring

Parts and Customer Service

Logan Long

Technical Support

Paddock Ultimate Pool Conference

What is the Ultimate Pool? It is a pool that provides best water quality, safety and when indoors, air quality. The Ultimate Pool should also maximize fun, entertainment, teaching, or practice space.  It starts with innovative design and functional use of space with intelligent programming to maximize the customers return on investment.    Finally, it uses the best equipment and best practice construction methodology.  Building the Ultimate Pool will help grow the sport of swimming and will allow for the continuation of building and renovating pools across our country.

Paddock Pool Equipment sponsors the Ultimate Pool Conference every other year to bring together industry leaders and experts to look at the changes,  innovations and growth within the industry.  The goal is that we continue to support and teach the industry with the intention to make every pool an Ultimate Pool.  Below is a chart that outlines the core concepts in creating the Ultimate Pool and why it is important.  We hope you will join us at the next Ultimate Pool Conference and add to the conversation.


Swimming Pools…movie stars…that’s how Paddock got started back in the early 1920’s, building America’s first backyard pools on the estates of wealthy Southern Californians. Back then, a private pool had to be built with formed concrete using heavy machinery, an exorbitantly priced luxury available only to the top echelons of society.  The idea caught on, and in a short time everybody wanted one. Paddock took the concept to the next level, and the modern pool industry was born.

In the 1930’s, Paddock built the first 50-meter monolithic pool using pneumatically applied concrete (gunite) at the Biltmore Hotel in Santa Barbara. Soon, gunite was the method of choice for pool construction, enabling a new generation of specialized contractors to build affordable residential pools. By the 1940’s, Paddock had established the first network of franchised dealers to build its standard designs around the country.

Paddock Pool Equipment Company was formed to manufacture high quality equipment for use in Paddock swimming pools. In the 1960’s, Paddock Pool Equipment was reorganized and exclusively shifted its focus to commercial equipment. The Equipment Company took center stage, introducing a number of key innovations over the years such as stainless steel perimeter gutter, movable bulkhead, vacuum sand filter, and most recently the Paddock Evacuator®, leading the way in improving air quality for indoor aquatic facilities.  So when you see a modern commercial pool, consider the fact that Paddock Pool Equipment was integral in developing the products that you see today.